We're hustlers for the good.

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Our Manifesto

People may say we’re consultants, freelancers, recent grads, workaholics, or stay-at-home moms — but truth is we’re people on a mission. We know it’s possible to do work that matters, whenever, wherever. When we go after new opportunities, we consider ourselves impact architects, social visionaries, builders, rebuilders, and dreamers.

We’re hustlers for the good. And we’re advancing social change on our terms.

We do this because we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make a life while making a living. If we aren’t working with society in mind, then who are we working for?

Our Journey

The Enact Impact story begins with our co-founder, Andrew, and a whiteboard in a coworking space in Bangalore, India. On short notice, Andrew high-tailed it out of his job working for the City of New York and took a gamble on social entrepreneurship, working on a project to connect nonprofits and local elected officials to public policy solutions. He soon discovered that a bigger problem was in play, and it wasn’t just about policy briefs: organizations struggle to find affordable, timely, high-quality consultants to accelerate their impact. He saw that the problem persisted for nonprofits across Singapore, Cambodia, and Malaysia and in a multitude of impact areas like youth empowerment, access to clean water, nutrition, climate change, community revitalization, and beyond.

A few months later, Andrew moved back to Brooklyn, NY to test a simple idea: build an online platform that would connect organization with consultants on-demand. Dozens of nonprofits and over 150 experts (including our eventual co-founder, Kelly) came on board to launch new collaborations and give tailored, strategic advice to accelerate impact affordably, quickly, and effectively.

Together, we’ve launched a platform that will change the game for impact. Our hope is that Enact Impact doesn’t just bring unparalleled, on-demand, high-quality value to organizations looking for talent — it will empower people to do work that matters whenever, wherever.

Our Team

We dream, we hang, we get things done — all on video chat.

Andrew Arrieta Enact Impact Co-founder
Kelly Behrend Enact Impact Co-founder